Yes, free car removal is part of our service. We cover all suburbs of Melbourne and offer same-day removal of your car for free. You can also specify the day and time for your car removal.

Yes, you can remove the number plates of the car when selling your car for wrecking. If you have any difficulty removing them, our team can do it for you when they arrive at your location.

Yes, we accept the car in any condition, including those with missing parts. Such cars are accepted as scrap metal and you get paid based on their condition, age, and other factors.

You can sell a car even if you do not have a title for the same. Please share this information with our team when you call them and keep an alternative proof of ownership of the car ready. Our team will guide you on which documents can be presented as a proof.

We pay you money for any car that you sell to us for scraping. Our team visits your location, examines the car, and gives you an offer. If you accept it, we pay you on the spot and then tow away the car. You can receive the money electronically or via bank cheque. Please note that, as per the policy (effective from 2018) (, the payment cannot be made in cash.

We offer same-day removal services for all vehicles in Melbourne. You can get an exact time estimate when you call and share your details and address with our team.

You do need not to complete any paperwork before our team arrives. However, we suggest that you keep the documents like registration papers and driving licences ready to help our staff speed up the process. They will complete the paperwork for you once you have accepted the offer and provide you with a receipt that records the sale.

Yes, we salvage and sell usable parts from wrecked vehicles. This helps other car owners get genuine and difficult-to-find parts for older cars as well as contributes to saving the environment. Cars with usable parts may also fetch you a better price when you sell them.

Once you book JJ Wreckers for car removal, our team arrives at your location. We examine the car and offer you the best possible price for it. After you agree, we help you complete the paperwork and pay you the agreed amount. Our team gives you the proof of sale for record keeping. Finally, we tow away your car free to charge.

The price of your car depends on different factors like the model, age, and condition. Our team can assess and provide you with an on-the-spot estimate. You can accept or reject the price quote the team provides.

On the other hand, you can also call us and provide details to get a free no-obligation quote. However, this price quote is subject to adjustment after the physical examination of the car is done by our team.

We dismantle and dispose of cars with minimal damage to the environment as part of green car recycling. All the usable parts of the car are salvaged and sold to car owners who are looking for them. This way, we make sure that nearly the entire car is recycled.

We only require the basic documents when you sell your car for wrecking, such as:

  • Documents proving your ownership of the car
  • VIN or Vehicle Identification Number
  • Your driving licence

If you are facing any issues with the documents, you can call our team and get details of acceptable alternative documents.

Yes, it is possible to sell a car to a wrecker that is not in your name. This can be done if the registered owner is overseas or has died. You will, however, need to present the following documents:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Authorisation letter from the registered owner permitting you to sell the car for scrapping
  • Photo identification of the owner
  • Any utility bill from the owner

Yes, if you are overseas or not available for any reason, you can ask someone to get your car scrapped on your behalf. However, for this, you will need to share various documents with the wrecker to go through. These include documents that prove your ownership of the car, photo ID, an authorisation letter in the name of the person who would be selling the car on your behalf, etc.

The state government in Victoria offers a scrappage scheme to eligible participants. Under this scheme, the participants can get up to $5000 as a grant after selling their old car and buying a new and safer car. For the details of the scheme and your eligibility, you may visit the official website of the Victorian Government or speak with our expert.

After you sell your car to a wrecker, any of its parts that are in usable condition are salvaged and sold off to customers or stockists. All hazardous materials like batteries, toxin chemicals, etc. are removed and the car is crushed to recycle the metal.

No, you do need to get a Statutory Off Road Notification before you scrap your car. A SORN simply means that you cannot drive the car on roads or need to pay road tax or insurance for it. A wrecker with accept the car with or without it as it does not affect the sale of the car to the wrecker.

You can inform VicRoads that your car has been scrapped by calling them. Moreover, you can request a refund for the unused period of the registration period. For online cancellation and a request for a refund, you can visit their official website and create an account or log in to your existing account. Please note that, you can only cancel your registration when you have sold your car without the registration plates.

It is advisable to inform VicRoads that your vehicle has been scrapped. The scrapping or wrecker company is anyway legally compliant to inform VicRords within seven days of dismantling the vehicle.

Yes, you can scrap your car without a Rego. However, you must have alternative proof to show that the car is owned by you and is not reported stolen. For details of alternative and acceptable proofs, you can call our experts, who can guide you on the same.